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miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Larraín llamó a Alberto Arenas: "Le desee lo mejor, por el bien de nuestro país"

El ministro de Hacienda, Felipe Larraín, dijo esta mañana que una vez conocida la designación del nuevo ministro de Hacienda para el gobierno de Bachelet, el economista Alberto Arenas, lo llamó desde Davos y le manifestó sus mejores deseos para su desempeño en la cartera. "Yo lo llamé el mismo día al ministro de Hacienda designado, desde Davos. Fue una conversación grata, donde yo le desee lo mejor en sus funciones, por el bien de nuestro país", dijo. Larraín detalló que "quedamos de reunirnos próximamente. El presidente Sebastián Piñera y la Presidenta electa Michelle Bachelet, han establecido la segunda quincena del mes de febrero como el periodo en el que vamos a estar trabajando en las entregas de los ministerios. Hemos hablado incluso de reunirnos antes de eso, y si eso es algo necesario lo voy a hacer con mucho gusto". Según Larraín, los temas pendientes en su cartera "tendrán que ver con el interés que tengan las nuevas autoridades. Nosotros trataremos de exponer por qué son importantes". Sin ir más lejos, el presidente de Icare, Guillermo Tagle, no realizó preguntas al ministro respecto a la reforma tributaria del gobierno de Bachelet, y dijo que "las vamos a reservar para el encuentro con el próximo ministro de Hacienda". A lo que Larraín contestó entre risas que en ese mes podrá opinar con más libertad sobre ese tema.

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martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Russia works to calm Olympics safety fears

Russia's prime minister tried to reassure the world about the safety of the upcoming Olympic Winter Games on Tuesday as security forces worked to clamp down on potential threats far from the Black Sea resort where the games will soon begin. A suspected militant leader died in a shootout with police in the restive Caucasus republic of Dagestan, hundreds of miles east of the Olympic venues in Sochi, the state news agency RIA Novosti reported. The news agency said Russian special forces were engaged in other operations in the same territory. And in Sochi and in Rostov-on-Don, a nine-hour drive to the north, police handed out posters of women they suspect may be planning terrorist attacks. In an interview set to air Wednesday on CNN's Amanpour program, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said "there are always some threats" to public events, "not only this country but also in others." But Russian authorities are aware of those threats and are planning accordingly, he said. "I am referring to the mobilization, build-up, of police forces, and a huge number of policemen will watch the progress of the Games," Medvedev said. Russia has been battling a low-level Islamist insurgency in Dagestan and the North Caucasus region for more than a decade, and militants have vowed to strike at the Games. Over the weekend, as President Vladimir Putin told reporters his government has a "perfect understanding" of the threat and how to stop it, a video posted online warned that the insurgents had "a present" for Olympic visitors. U.S. may share counter-IED tech with Russia Andrew Kutchins, the head of the Russia and Eurasia program at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Putin made a "brazen bet" by bidding for the Games in Sochi. "He sees one of the historic roles he has played as being to stabilize the North Caucasus. Unfortunately, the North Caucasus aren't as stabilized as he would like, and by holding the Sochi Olympics in such close proximity to, in effect, a conflict zone, he's taking a big risk. If things don't go well all of his claims about the stability he has brought to the North Caucasus -- and in a way, more broadly, to Russia -- are going to be diminished." Kutchins said it would be "very, very difficult" for militants to pull off large-scale attacks in Sochi, but he said they don't have to hit Sochi itself to hurt the Games. A series of attacks like the Vologograd bombings in the surrounding area "would raise the terror level in the country and in the international community to such a level that the Games themselves would be imperiled," he said. Amid the concerns, the top U.S. military officer discussed sharing high-tech equipment to counter improvised bombs with his Russian counterpart Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesman told CNN. Ver Mas en:

sábado, 11 de enero de 2014

Economists still upbeat on job market

Many economists still expect the job market to pick up steam next year despite Friday's disappointing report on December payroll gains that was likely skewed by cold weather. "To be brutally honest, the latest employment release deserves to be dismissed on the spot," Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist of the Economic Outlook Group, wrote in a research note. The economy added just 74,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said, fewest since January 2011. Monthly job gains had been averaging more than 200,000 from August through November. Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics, says the December jobs number will likely be revised upward sharply over the next two months as more employers respond to the Labor Department's survey. And in 2014, he expects average monthly job gains of 225,000 as the housing recovery gains momentum and the effects of government spending cuts ease. That's well above the 183,000 monthly pace of both 2012 and 2013. Severely cold weather in much of the nation appeared to have a played a role in the weak December report. In the household survey, which is used to calculate the unemployment rate, 273,000 people said they weren't able to work because of weather last month, about 100,000 more than a typical December. "Weather was a significant factor," says Conrad DeQuadros of RDQ Economics. A telltale sign is that construction payrolls, which had been rising amid the housing recovery, fell by 16,000. Others say weather played a more limited role. Economist Tom Porcelli of RBC Capital Markets, notes that in the survey of employers used to calculate total job gains, workers paid for even one hour during the week of the survey are counted as employed. It's unlikely that inclement weather forced large numbers of workers to take the entire week off, he says. "More plausible is that this is just a weaker number in the context of a much stronger than typical number" in November, Porcelli says. In other words, he says, the December payroll advances don't reflect the state of the labor market but do temper an overall view of the market that had grown more bullish lately. Other economists are more upbeat. Zandi, DeQuadros and Baumohl say the disappointing December report is not consistent with an armada of positive economic news lately. Measures of manufacturing and service-sector employment rose last month, according to the Institute for Supply Management. Private payroll processor ADP said businesses added 238,000 jobs in December. Indexes of small business hiring and consumers' perception of the job market have risen. And economic growth accelerated in the second half of 2013. "I don't think there's any fundamental weakness" in the economy, says Zandi, whose firm helps ADP compile its employment report report. Instead, he says, the initial estimates of some Labor Department reports are simply off-base. Labor first estimated a zero change in employment in August 2011. That was eventually revised to a 132,000 gain. Read More:

viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

Programación y resultados segunda fecha del Torneo de Clausura 2013/14

SANTIAGO.- Sigue toda la acción del fútbol chileno con la segunda fecha del Torneo de Clausura 2013/2014 que se disputará entre jueves y domingo. La U - Palestino, UC - Unión Española y Everton - Colo Colo son algunos de los duelos atractivos de la nueva jornada. Revise la programación: Programación Jueves 09 enero Bicentenario - La Florida Árb: Christian Rojas Finalizado Audax Italiano 2-0 Santiago Wanderers Goles: 1-0, 23' Nelson Saavedra (AI); 2-0, 90+4', Bryan Carrasco (AI). Viernes 10 de enero Santa Laura - Independencia Árb: Claudio Puga 20:00 horas* Universidad de Chile-Palestino Goles: CAP - Talcahuano Árb: Roberto Tobar 20:00 horas Huachipato-Rangers Goles: Tierra Campeones - Iquique Árb: Rafael Troncoso 22:00 horas Deportes Iquique-Cobresal Sábado 11 de enero Nicolás Chahuán - Calera Árb: Eduardo Gamboa 17:00 horas* Unión La Calera-Universidad de Concepción Goles: San Carlos - Apoquindo Árb: Manuel Acosta 19:30 horas* Universidad Católica-Unión Española Goles: Bic. Calvo y Bascuñán - Antofagasta Árb: Julio Bascunñán 22:00 horas* Antofagasta-O'Higgins Goles: Domingo 12 de enero La Madriguera - Calama Árb: Patricio Polic 16:00 horas* Cobreloa-Ñublense Goles: Bic. Lucio Fariña- Quillota Árb: Jorge Osorio 18:30 horas* Everton-Colo Colo Goles: * Transmite CDF Premium

lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Claudio Maldonado retrasa últimos exámenes médicos y queda en duda su arribo a Colo Colo

En duda quedó el posible regreso de Claudio Maldonado a Colo Colo. El volante nacional debía realizarse este lunes los últimos exámenes médicos en la clínica Meds, sin embargo, el jugador no llegó al recinto. El entrenador Héctor Tapia sigue en la búsqueda de refuerzos y "Chester" podría convertirse en el tercer refuerzo de la temporada. El jugador que se encuentra en Chile, se realizó el sábado los primeros chequeos médicos, pero no asistió este lunes a las últimas evaluaciones. Esto, debido a que el jugador no convence al directorio de Blanco y Negro, quienes ponen en duda la contratación de volante por sus reiteradas lesiones en la rodilla izquierda, la cual ha sido operado en dos oportunidades en el último año. Tapia tiene en sus planes a Maldonado, ya que el DT ve poco factible la llegada de Fabián Orellana y al ser consultado por "Chester" sostuvo que "es un jugador experimentado que puede aportar en varias posiciones defensivas del equipo". Maldonado jugó la temporada pasada en Corinthians donde no tuvo muchos minutos debido a una lesión en la rodilla. Read More: