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viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Sadowski Talked About Working On ABC Family’s “Young & Hungry” August 2014

On Tuesday (August 19, 2014), I enjoyed visiting with Jonathan Sadowski from ABC Family’s “Young & Hungry” along with others on a conference call. He chatted about his character, what it is like working with Emily Osment and the rest of the cast and so much more! Take a look: Q: Does the amazing and hilarious cast make it easier or harder for you when you’re acting on set? Jonathan: It’s so funny, it’s actually a little bit of both. With chemistry it’s great, because everybody on the set is a pro, so in that sense they always give you something to work off of. But it gets a little hard because everybody’s really, really funny and it takes a lot not to break character. And then once somebody starts messing up it’s kind of like the inside joke to give them a little more and see if you can keep making them laugh. You get in this downward spiral sometimes in front of a live audience, but it makes for a great show [laughs] Q: Who’s the real comedian, off set? Jonathan: Kym Whitley. I don’t think she has an off switch. She’s wonderful. She’s always joking, she definitely has us in stitches on and off set. It’s Kym giving a play-by-play of her daily life and the life of being a single mom. She always comes to the set with a story. She always walks in sort of frazzled and will be like, “You’ll never guess what happened to me today,” and then she’ll go into some story. Usually the first 15 or 20 minutes of rehearsal is her stand-up comedy hour. She’s wonderful. Q: How would you describe your character? How similar are you to your character? Jonathan: Josh is a 29-year-old dot-com millionaire, and he’s kind of a geek. He’s a computer geek. I think ultimately for somebody who seemingly has everything together, deep down inside he’s a big kid who has this great parental instinct, he always looks out for the people he’s surrounded by, and especially those who work for him and his friends. I think that’s the one tie that Josh and I have is that we’re both big kids. Josh loves Star Wars and Star Trek, and he geeks out over video games, and I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I do magic, I’m a magician, and I can sit down with my buddies and talk about magic until the sun comes up. Q: What is your go-to comfort food? Jonathan: Burritos. I’m a burrito guy. I’m a burrito enthusiast, and I champion the longevity of burritos [laughs] Q: Have you been lucky enough to try some of the real life Gabi’s cooking? Jonathan: I have, actually! She does a web series for ABC Family as well, and over the course of a few of the episodes I’ve been a guest on, we’ve been able to make some food. Her pantry pasta is phenomenal. It’s just the easiest, most simple thing. She makes a pretty wicked hot sauce, too! Q: Is Emily Osment good at cooking in real life? Jonathan: It wouldn’t surprise me if she was! I haven’t had the luxury of trying any of her food, but she seems like she’d be great in the kitchen. Q: Do you have any cooking skills? Jonathan: I can cook. My mother is very, very Italian, so I grew up cooking with her and we always had big family dinners. I prefer not to clean up, that’s my big thing, so in that sense I tend to go out to restaurants [laughs]. I love entertaining, though. I love being a host. It’s so conflicting! Q: Have you ever had any disasters in the kitchen? Jonathan: I made a chili one time that I left on a little too long. Chili’s not supposed to have a crust, I’ll just say that [laughs] Q: Why do you think Josh keeps putting up with his fiancé Caroline instead of dating Gabi? Jonathan: During the episodes you see that she does have some redeeming qualities, and in the pilot episode Josh said that she’s perfect for him. When she gives him a horse, or through terms of endearment, or the way she looks at him, I think there is something there that Josh is completely enamored with, and I think a little more will unfold as the series finale happens. It’s going to be a doozy! Q: What’s it like working with Emily Osment? Jonathan: She’s great! She’s been around in the industry for a while. She’s been acting a long time, and she’s got some chops. Her comedic timing is amazing, she’s very, very quick. Even when we’re not in a scene, you always have to watch what you say around her, because she’ll take whatever you said and flip it and spin it into like four different things and make you regret saying it [laughs] Q: What do fans have to look forward to in next week’s finale? Jonathan: There may or may not be a wedding in the finale. As I was reading the script, I was just pulling my hair out of my head it was so good! The writers did a really great job. My hat’s off to David Holden. He really knocked this script out of the park. Q: If there were a spinoff of Young & Hungry, what would it be and who would be cast in it? Jonathan: So many different scenarios went through my head just now [laughs]. I would love to see any one of the other characters, like Sofia, or Kym (Yolanda), or Elliot. Can you picture Elliot with his family sitting around the dinner table, the conversations that would happen? Or Kym (Yolanda) back at her place raising her kid? Or Sofia with her Latino family? I think there are just so many possibilities for humor there. Q: What is your favorite Disney theme park? Jonathan: I’ve only been to Disneyland! Q: What is your favorite Disney ride or attraction? Jonathan: The Tower of Terror is pretty good! I love the Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain. I couldn’t narrow it down to one, there are so many to choose from! Also, The Cars ride is awesome. Q: What’s your favorite Disney food or restaurant? Jonathan: I’ve always wanted to go to Club 33. I haven’t been there yet! I’m going to go there. Other than that who doesn’t love a good funnel cake? Q: Who’s your favorite Disney character? Jonathan: Aladdin! Q: What TV character would you want to be your best friend? Jonathan: I’m a big Cheers fan! I think Woody would be a great best friend. Q: What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon growing up? Jonathan: Muppet Babies. I watched that religiously. Q: Who is your biggest TV crush of all time? Jonathan: Rachel from Friends was always big for me. I always liked Christina Applegate on Married with Children when I was growing up, because I was from Chicago, it took place in Chicago, it held a special place in my heart. Q: Which TV theme song would you pick for your ring tone? Jonathan: ThunderCats! ThunderCats was great. He-Man was also awesome. No, you know what it would be, The A-Team! Q: Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse? Jonathan: Absolutely! I think I’ve watched enough zombie movies, and when me and my friends sit around and talk these are some of the questions, “All right, dude, you’ve got a paper clip and a piece of string, what do you do?” [laughs]. So I think we’ve been through about every scenario that could possibly happen. Q: What was it like auditioning for Young & Hungry? Jonathan: It was a really pleasant process! Sometimes the process can be grueling and you’re really getting in your head over the whole thing, but this was pain-free. I originally received the scripts, and after reading it I called my reps and I was like, “Yes, this is something I definitely want to do!” I went in and I met with David Holden and Ashley Tisdale and the casting directors, and after my initial audition they paired me up to do a work session with Emily (Osment) to test our on screen chemistry. After that, I did a screen test for the network, and I got a call that night saying that I was the guy! It’s so cool when you get a script like that and it’s something you really want to do and it works out. It was a great feeling. Q: What’s your favorite part about filming the show? Jonathan: The live audience. You can’t describe it. We get to make people laugh for a living. When you’re there on the set and you have 300 people who are completely invested in the show with you, and when you do something funny they laugh, and when it’s dramatic you can hear a pin drop. You just feel like you’re all on a ride together. It’s really cool. Q: How would you describe the relationship between Josh and Elliot in one word? Jonathan: Brotherly! Q: If you could build your own burrito, what would be in it? Jonathan: I call it the perfect burrito: half pastor, half carne asada, no rice, easy beans, onions, cilantro, a little bit of lettuce, sour cream, and habanero hot sauce. Q: Are you interested in any other aspects of the entertainment industry? Jonathan: Absolutely! I’m a screenwriter. I’ve been writing for years. In college, I studied directing and playwriting. I was in the Acting Conservatory for a couple of years and I transferred out into directing and playwriting. I’ve written screenplays and TV shows, and currently trying to produce one of the films that I wrote that I’ll be directing as well. It’s kind of a dark thriller. You’ve got to make them laugh and you’ve got to make them scared! Read More:

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

Israel bombardea un mercado y una escuela de Gaza, donde la ONU denuncia una "masacre"

Los bombardeos israelíes contra Gaza dejaron este miércoles un centenar de muertos palestinos, 17 de ellos en un mercado y 16 en una escuela que albergaba a refugiados palestinos administrada por la ONU, que denunció una "masacre". El ataque contra el mercado de Shejaiya (suburbios de Ciudad de Gaza, norte de la Franja) se produjo durante un período durante el cual regía en principio una breve tregua humanitaria parcial decretada por Israel en su guerra sin cuartel contra el movimiento islamista Hamas. Otra matanza, de al menos 16 personas, se produjo cuando dos obuses disparados por tanques dieron de lleno en salones de una escuela que albergaba a refugiados del campo de Jabaliya (norte de la Franja), administrada por la Agencia de Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados de Palestina (UNRWA). "Aquí solamente había niños y jóvenes. ¿Por qué hacen eso? ¿A dónde puede ir la gente?", se lamentaba Hisham al Masri, uno de los refugiados del lugar. Tres soldados israelíes murieron por otra parte al estallar dos bombas en un túnel que acababan de descubrir en el sur de la Franja, informó el ejército. Hamas disparó además 23 cohetes contra territorio israelí, que no causaron víctimas, según el ejército. La ofensiva lanzada el 8 de julio por Israel para detener los disparos de cohetes y destruir los túneles por los que se infiltran comandos islamistas ha costado la vida hasta el momento a unos 1.330 palestinos, civiles en su gran mayoría (las tres cuartas partes, según la ONU). El ejército israelí perdió por su lado 56 soldados, su mayor número de bajas desde la guerra contra el Hezbolá libanés en 2006. Dos civiles israelíes y un obrero tailandés murieron además en los últimos 23 días a causa de los disparos de cohetes desde Gaza. - Bombas durante la tregua - El ejército israelí había anunciado una tregua humanitaria parcial -entre las 15H00 y las 19H00 locales (12H00 a 16H00 GMT)-, pero había precisado que la medida "no tendrá efecto en las zonas donde los soldados están llevando a cabo operaciones". En todo caso, al menos 24 palestinos murieron durante esas cuatro horas, 17 de ellos en el mercado de Shejaiya, indicaron fuentes médicas palestinas. Un poco antes, un ataque aéreo había matado a siete palestinos en Jan Yunes (sudeste), siempre según los servicios de urgencia palestinos. Hamas había calificado la tregua de mero ardid publicitario. "La tregua que anunció Israel es propaganda mediática y no tiene valor porque excluye las áreas inestables a lo largo de la frontera y nosotros no podremos sacar a los heridos de esas áreas", afirmó un portavoz del movimiento islamista en un comunicado. Los cerca de 1,8 millones de habitantes de Gaza están atrapados en este territorio de 362 kilómetros cuadrados, sometido a un estricto bloqueo israelí desde 2006 y al cierre de su frontera con Egipto desde 2012. - EEUU critica el ataque, la ONU denuncia "masacre" - El secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki-Moon, consideró "injustificable" el ataque de Israel contra la escuela de Jabaliya. "Esta mañana, una escuela de Naciones Unidas que albergaba a miles de familias palestinas sufrió un ataque reprensible. Es injustificable y requiere determinar las responsabilidades y hacer justicia", dijo Ban al iniciar una visita a Costa Rica. La UNRWA acusó al ejército israelí de "grave violación del derecho internacional" y pidió medidas inmediatas para "poner fin de inmediato a la masacre". Estados Unidos también fustigó el bombardeo del centro de refugiados. "Estados Unidos condena el bombardeo contra la escuela de la UNRWA en Gaza, que causó muertos y heridos entre inocentes palestinos, incluyendo niños y trabajadores humanitarios de la ONU", indicó la Casa Blanca. Israel acusa a Hamas de usar a los civiles de "escudos humanos". - Diálogo de sordos - Varios proyectos de tregua han fracasado en los últimos días. Israel advirtió que no saldrá de Gaza, de donde se había retirado en 2005, hasta que los grupos armados palestinos hayan dejado de representar una amenaza. Hamas ha advertido que rechazará cualquier alto el fuego mientras continúen los ataques israelíes y no se levante el bloqueo a la Franja de Gaza. La operación militar cuenta con un amplio respaldo de los israelíes y un 86,5% de ellos se oponen a una tregua, según un sondeo publicado el martes por el diario Maariv. La diplomacia parece totalmente impotente para conseguir un cese de hostilidades. Alemania expresó este miércoles su "fuerte preocupación" y Francia condenó el bombardeo de Jabaliya, sin incriminar a Israel. La Organización para la Liberación de Palestina (OLP) afirmó que estaba dispuesta, al igual que el Hamas y la la Yihad Islámica, los dos principales grupos armados de Gaza, a observar "una tregua humanitaria de 24 horas". Read More:

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

Photos: “Dog With A Blog” Cast At The Creative Arts Emmy Awards August 16, 2014

I posted some pics of G Hannelius all ready and gorgeous for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards today (Saturday, August 16, 2014), and here are more pictures of Miss G with her “Dog With A Blog” family at the event.
Regan Burns posted some nice Instagrammed photos of himself, G, Beth Littleford, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi and Mick (AKA Stan) as they arrived at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California. Read More:

Photos: “Good Luck Charlie” Cast At The Creative Arts Emmy Awards August 16, 2014

The cast of “Good Luck Charlie” look super great on the red carpet at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday (August 16, 2014) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California. Leigh-Allyn Baker posted this pic above on her Instagram account of her Disney Channel family (Eric Allan Kramer, Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry and Mia Talerico) and said: Together again! #familyForever! Good Luck Charlie! @disneychannelPR. Good luck to them as well, they are up for the Outstanding Children’s Series along with “Dog With A Blog.”
Read More: