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martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart's Replacement, Goes From Hero To Villain In 24 Hours

Comedian Trevor Noah, who was named on Monday to succeed Jon Stewart as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, is being criticized for tweets he sent more than a year ago that critics say are sexist and anti-Semitic. Noah's defenders, including Comedy Central, are calling the criticism "unfair." Noah says that to reduce his views to a few tweets is neither a reflection of his character nor his comedic evolution.
Updated at 5:38 p.m.
Trevor Noah has responded to the criticism directed at him:

Updated at 4 p.m.
Comedy Central has now responded to the criticism directed at comedian Trevor Noah. In a statement cited by Politico, it said:
"Like many comedians, Trevor Noah pushes boundaries; he is provocative and spares no one, himself included. To judge him or his comedy based on a handful of jokes is unfair. Trevor is a talented comedian with a bright future at Comedy Central."

Our original post continues:
Trevor Noah, if you haven't heard by now, will replace Jon Stewart as host of Comedy Central's Daily Show.
Noah joined Twitter in June 2009. Since then, he has tweeted nearly 9,000 times. Among those tweets are several that mock women and Jews — tweets that critics have called sexist and anti-Semitic. Here are three (Fair Warning: Some readers may find these offensive — or perhaps just not funny):

Reaction to the tweets, many of which were made more than a year ago, was swift on Tuesday.

Writing in Vox, Kelsey McKinney said: "A Daily Show host should be held to a higher standard than other comedians."
But others pointed out that Noah has also spoken out against prejudice — citing this Twitter interaction:

A backhanded defense came in the form of comedian Daniel Tosh:

Then there was this:

A more full-throated defense came from Caitlin Dewey in The Washington Post.
"Because human beings are, in reality, flawed: prone to errors in judgment or youthful indiscretions or drunk texts/tweets/status updates they really never should have sent. A lot of people have made bad jokes in their 20s. The only difference now is that those jokes are memorialized forever on the Internet — and readily ripped out of their chronological context, and away from their intended audience, as contemporary proof of their sender's bias or stupidity or ill intent."
Dave Weigel has written on Bloomberg Politics about how Noah went from "progressive icon to villain in 24 hours."

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Iran Nuclear Deadline Will Pass, But Worth Continuing to Negotiate, US Says

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Negotiators trying to produce a nuclear accord with Iran will fail to meet their self-imposed March 31 deadline to come up with a broad political understanding about eliminating Iran’s pathway to a bomb, the State Department said today. "We've made enough progress in the last days to merit staying until Wednesday,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement to reporters in Lausanne, Switzerland, where the talks are being held. “There are several difficult issues still remaining." Less than 24 hours ago, Harf said there was a “50/50” chance that they could come to a deal. Officials inside the negotiations are not commenting on why more time is needed, but the sticking points during these talks have been clear.
They’ve included disagreements on how many centrifuges -- which are used to enrich nuclear fuel -- might remain online at Iran’s deep-buried Fordo nuclear reactor, whether or not Iran will be allowed to continue nuclear research and development for scientific purposes, and what to do with the stockpile of enriched uranium already owns. Negotiators on all sides have been working towards this deadline since November 2013. That’s when Iran and the so-called P5 +1 (U.S., U.K., France, Russia, China plus Germany) agreed on a Joint Plan of Action (JPA), an interim agreement that paved the way for talks by temporarily halting Iran’s nuclear enrichment program and subjecting it to daily inspections in exchange for the loosening of some economic sanctions. "If we are making progress toward the finish line, then we should keep going," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said today, but he added that if talks fail, then the U.S. would be forced to "consider some other alternatives." Though there is still hope in Lausanne that an agreement can be reached, some in Congress are already calling this delay a failure of diplomacy. “The decision to extend the nuclear negotiations in the face of Iranian intransigence and duplicity proves once again that Iran is calling the shots," Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, said in a statement. Cotton gained notoriety after authoring a controversial letter to Iran's supreme leader, warning in it that future U.S. presidents have the power to overturn any nuclear deal. “The best solution is walk away from the nuclear negotiations now and return to a position of strength," Cotton added. "We should reinstate existing sanctions suspended under the Joint Plan of Action and Congress should act immediately to impose new sanctions. It’s time for the United States to regain the upper hand and quit negotiating out of weakness." Two weeks ago, 367 members of Congress, many of them Democrats, signed a letter expressing “grave and urgent” concern over the Iran nuclear negotiations. Many of them have threatened to derail any potential deal by voting to enact tougher economic sanctions on Iran. President Obama has threatened to veto that legislation, but it’s possible Congress could get the two-thirds majority needed to override a presidential veto. Congress, however, is on a two week recess, which is one of the reasons the Obama administration believes it still has more time. Another reason has to do with the tentative agreements already in place.
A four-month extension was granted within the JPA last November that said the six world powers and Iran had until March 31 to reach a consensus on how to go forward. Essentially, that political understanding (due tonight) would outline what actions Iran has to take to dismantle its nuclear program and, in exchange, which economic sanctions on Iran would be lifted and when. That November agreement also stated that by June 30 there would be a formal, signed agreement, followed by implementation of the plan. The State Department said Monday that technically the JPA extends through June 30 and therefore the parties are within their rights to negotiate up until that point. Earnest said today, however, that the White House is willing to abandon the talks if decisions are made soon and "we're not going to wait all the way until June 30th to walk away," he said.
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Después de la fuga de 'El Desalmado', ¿quién debe vigilar las cárceles?

La fuga de Cristopher Chávez Cuellar, alias el Desalmado, sindicado del homicidio de cuatro niños en el Caquetá, despertó una ola de preocupación por la crisis que padece el sistema carcelario del país, agobiado por problemas de corrupción y hacinamiento. Aunque, este hombre, quien estaba recluido en la cárcel las Heliconias de Florencia, fue recapturado horas después de su evasión, su escape generó tal indignación nacional, que llevó a que se propusiera que la seguridad en los penales se le entregue a la Policía.
En ese sentido, el fiscal general (e), Jorge Perdomo, expresó que “ha quedado claro que el sistema penitenciario colombiano sigue demostrando su inoperancia, sigue demostrando su insuficiencia, por lo cual hay que empezar a repensar si la seguridad de las cárceles debe seguir estando en manos del Inpec o cederla a la Policía”. En cuanto a la investigación que se adelanta contra los guardias del Inpec, Perdomo reveló que seis guardianes que se encontraban de turno el día de la fuga ya rindieron una declaración juramentada ante la Fiscalía. “El rompimiento de las mallas de la cárcel Las Heliconias sólo habría sido un mecanismo distractor para ocultar la verdadera forma en que logró salir de prisión el ‘Desalmado’, lo cual develaría un hecho de corrupción", dijo el Fiscal. De igual manera, se conoció que en manos de los investigadores se encuentra una carta que advertía sobre deficiencias de seguridad al interior de la cárcel Las Heliconias y nunca se tomó correctivo alguno.Además de supuestas diferencias entre los guardianes y el Director del penal, lo que está dificultando el manejo del mismo. Por su parte, el director de la Policía, general Rodolfo Palomino, aseguró que “esta fuga pudo darse con la ayuda de los guardas de seguridad, quienes le habrían facilitado al evadido herramientas como un cortafrío y un teléfono celular”. Añadió que ‘Desalmado’ atravesó varios filtros que necesitaban de la colaboración de externos ya que estaba en “una celda dentro de una celda”. Por ello, afirmó el oficial, miembros de la seguridad no le pusieron seguro a las celdas y por eso había podido salir hasta una cancha donde, con las herramientas que le facilitaron, logró cortar las mallas y escapar del establecimiento. Una crisis de fondo Para la Defensoría del Pueblo, “la seguridad de algunas cárceles viene mostrando una serie de problemas de fondo, al punto que en los últimos dos años se han registrado 10 fugas, situaciones que, dadas las condiciones de hacinamiento y mala e infraestructura, podrían ser más frecuentes”. El ente denunció que “en muchas cárceles la realidad es tan compleja que los presos no fugan por la necesidad que tienen de pagar su condena, pero el día que quieran escaparse la actual infraestructura no lo podría impedir. Y sin perjuicio de la responsabilidad penal o disciplinaria que pueda asistir a los funcionarios públicos que, por acción o por omisión, permitieron la fuga, hechos de este tipo son fruto de una profunda crisis del sistema carcelario a la que las autoridades gubernamentales no han dado la atención debida”. En la última década, recuerda la Defensoría, la población carcelaria se duplicó, al pasar de los cerca de 62.000 a los 118.000 reclusos, “sin que dicho incremento se viera acompañado de un aumento proporcional de los cupos carcelarios ni del personal de guardia”. Asimismo, la vigilancia de los 118.000 reclusos del país es ejercida por 6.172 funcionarios, incluyendo los que trabajan en labores administrativas. “Durante sus permanentes visitas a las cárceles en todo el país, funcionarios de la Defensoría del Pueblo han podido advertir que en varios centros de reclusión la custodia de un patio de hasta 100 internos es ejercida por un único funcionario”. Y concluye que “la fuga de ‘El Desalmado’ deja en evidencia otra cara de la crisis carcelaria y que las medidas tomadas han resultado insuficientes para abordarla. La Defensoría reiteró el llamado al Gobierno para que decrete el estado de emergencia social, con miras a conjurar la grave crisis carcelaria”. En su declaración a la Fiscalía, Cristopher Chávez Cuellar, alias el Desalmado, explicó que la herramienta que usó para fugarse el pasado domingo de la cárcel Las Heliconias, de Florencia, le llegó por encomienda y que el descuido por sueño del pabellónero que lo custodiaba, facilitó su huida. El asesino de los cuatro hermanos Vanegas en Florencia, Caquetá, comentó que la decisión de fugarse del centro penitenciario se dio por la serie de falencias expuestas y no por una situación premeditada, de acuerdo con información de Blu Radio. “Esa la lleva un guardián y un auxiliar, el guardián es de apellido Monje y el auxiliar es de apellido Solórzano, ellos dicen que todas las encomiendas las abren cuando llegan a la primera puerta”, explicó Chávez Cuellar. Comentó que cuando le entregaron la encomienda “sacan la bolsa que iba para mí, la abren con un bisturí y me la entregan. La bolsa era de material grueso envuelta con cinta. De ahí, cuando estoy adentro, saco unas chanclas, saco la cizalla y la tiro para el rincón de la colchoneta, iba también un teléfono”.

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Claire Underwood hits sexy, smart note in 'House of Cards' power dresses

Who wears the pants in the Underwood marriage? Why, Frank does. But not because his wife is a wallflower. From the debut of the Netflix hit "House of Cards," Claire Underwood has eschewed the power pantssuit in favor of something infinitely more potent: razor-sharp pencil skirts and sheath dresses that celebrate rather than camouflage the female form. "It was a very conscious decision not to have Claire in pants," explains Tom Broecker, costume designer on Season 1 of the drama, which returned for a third season Feb. 27. "I wanted her to be the equivalent of her husband — but the female version; to dispel the misperception that women have to look, act and dress like a man to compete in a man's world." For decades, women have been downplaying their sexuality at work, in fear of not being taken seriously. Claire, on the other hand, doesn't skirt the issue. "Dressing more masculine to show power is a dated concept," says Johanna Argan, costume designer on seasons two and three. "I wanted to show the strength in Claire's femininity." What Claire — whose brilliant portrayal by Robin Wright earned her a Golden Globe last year — does masterfully is tread a line that straddles authoritative and alluring. "There's nothing sexier and more powerful than a woman who has confidence," says Broecker, who brought his New York City tailor to the show's Baltimore set to ensure that Claire's clothing fit like a second skin. The result, says Broecker, "is a silhouette so strong it becomes sort of impenetrable, like body armor." Claire proves not only that "you don't have to make yourself asexual to be taken seriously," says Argan, but also that "a woman can be sexy without showing too much skin." Case in point: the Ralph Lauren gown she wears to her first state dinner as first lady. "It's never been Claire's character to show cleavage," says Kemal Harris, Wright's personal stylist, who dressed her character in Season 3. "Claire's covered from the neck down, but the back is exposed. She looks smoking hot without revealing anything risqué." In fact, the only hem that's risen over the course of the show's three seasons is that of Claire's sleeve. "As her role evolved into the wife of the VP, she had to lose the sharp edges to be more relatable in her public appearances," explains Argan of Claire's Season 2 transition from director of her nonprofit Clean Water Initiative to political plus-one. "We added details like three-quarter-length sleeves, kick pleats, defined waists and lighter colors." In the Season 2 finale, when Frank manipulates his way to the White House, Claire's inaugural swearing-in ensemble of fit-and-flare Christian Dior coat is a deliberate ode to the label's 1947 "New Look." The epoch is an interesting but not entirely surprising choice, says Harris, who was inspired by films such as "Adam's Rib," starring Katharine Hepburn, when creating Claire's first lady look. "The women of that era were very strong," says Harris. "The war had just ended, women had [tasted] independence, and they were trying to play with the big boys." It's a fitting metaphor for Claire, who was enjoying a rare truce on the political battlefield at the outset of Season 3. "Frank and Claire are now officially at the top," says Harris. "All of that fighting and clawing has stopped for a moment, because they've arrived." In tandem, silk pussycat bow blouses; jackets with rounder "puff" sleeves; longer, fuller skirts; and a color palette of lilacs, burgundies and hunter greens offer a respite to the muted, monotone world Claire usually inhabits. (If you haven't finished watching Season 3, there are spoilers ahead.) The truce, however, proves short-lived. Having persuaded Frank to appoint her U.N. ambassador — telling him, "I've been in the passenger seat for decades, it's time for me to get behind the wheel," only to be fired (at the behest of the Russian president) and relegated to the role of chief pom-pom waver — Claire once again finds herself going to war. Only this time, it's with her husband. "All these years, I thought we were in this together," she tells Frank in the Season 3 finale, when he arrives home from Iowa, smarting after giving a solo victory speech, to find his wife occupying his seat in the Oval Office. "This is not what I thought it would be," says Claire. "It's your office. You make the decisions." In the moment when Frank snaps and tells Claire, "Without me, you are nothing," he seals his fate. The next morning, rather than join her husband on the campaign trail, Claire tells him she's leaving. Frank's initials may form the suggestive F.U., but Claire's form that of C.U. — in the rearview mirror, that is. As she leaves her speechless husband in the dust, she's wearing a second-skin Burberry dress and cropped Max Mara coat worthy of Season 1 Claire. "Claire's got her armor back on," Harris says. "She's done playing arm candy to the president." It'll be interesting to see who really wears the pants in Season 4.

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lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

Down syndrome student stripped of varsity letter

“Another parent, from what I am told, was upset that my son was wearing his letter jacket,” says a Wichita, Kansas, mom whose special needs son was stripped of his varsity letter jacket. East High Principal Ken Thiessen tells CNN affiliate KSNW, “We have considered it, and our decision was no. We decided that is not appropriate in our situation because it is not a varsity level competition.” Jolinda Kelley says her son has Down syndrome and she bought him a varsity letter so he could feel more like he fit in on the basketball team. She thinks the school needs to change its position. Thiessen posted this letter to the East High School website, Sunday. Watch the video to find out more. Read More:

Barack Obama’s passport details shared in privacy mix-up: Report

President Barack Obama’s passport number and personal details were accidentally revealed — along with those of other world leaders — by Australia’s immigration agency, according to The Guardian newspaper. The Guardian reported Monday that an immigration department officer inadvertently sent the personal details of leaders attending last November’s G-20 summit to organizers of the Asian Cup football tournament. The immigration department then recommended against informing those affected about the privacy breach, according to the newspaper. Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron were among the world leaders whose details were shared in the mix-up. Their offices were not immediately available for comment. The personal information revealed in the mix-up included names, birth dates, passport numbers and visa numbers, The Guardian reported. The newspaper posted an email from the immigration department notifying Australia’s privacy commissioner of the breach, which it said was due to “human error.” The immigration department recommended world leaders not be made aware of the breach, according to the email shared by The Guardian. “Given that the risks of the breach are considered very low and the actions that have been taken to limit the further distribution of the email, I do not consider it necessary to notify the clients of the breach,” the email reads.

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Colombian News: Capturamos a alias “diadema” y cuatro de sus coordinadores de las llamadas “convivir”

Con oportuna información de la comunidad, la Sijin, Sipol, Gaula Metropolitano y el Copes con el apoyo de la Fiscalía y la Alcaldía de Medellín lograron desarrollar la diligencia de allanamiento y registro de mayor impacto en un apartamento ubicado en la calle 3A sur con carrera 75 DA de la ciudad de Medellín, allí se logró la captura de alias “diadema”, de 31 años de edad, cabecilla principal de la banda delincuencial “convivir” del centro de la capital antioqueña. De igual manera se captura a cuatro de sus coordinadores, quienes tenían control sectorizado en el centro. Este sujeto inició sus acciones ilegales en la organización delincuencial integrada al narcotráfico “picacho” en el año 2012, hasta llegar hoy a tener el control de la zona céntrica de Medellín (aproximadamente del 70%.), enfocado al cobro de las extorsiones al sector comercio, vendedores ambulantes, formales e informales, mecánicos, plazas de vicio, talleres, parqueaderos, rutas de buses y transporte informal, así como el monopolio sobre los sitios de venta de estupefacientes, nombrando coordinadores de zona a varios de sus hombres de confianza y apoyado del brazo armado de la Odin la “terraza” desde junio del 2014. En el operativo también fueron capturados los coordinadores de las acciones delincuenciales bajo el mando de alias “diadema”, conocidos como alias “la vaca” de 46 años de edad, alias “pelo de rata” de 47 años de edad, alias “augusto” de 43 años de edad, y alias “primo” de 23 años de edad. Todos fueron judicializados por el delito de concierto para delinquir agravado. Todos los coordinadores delincuenciales de alias “diadema” eran quienes a su vez controlan a los recolectores encargados de cobrar la extorsión. El año inmediatamente anterior inició una disputa a nivel interno de la Odin “picacho”, por el control territorial de barrio Triste entre alias “diadema” y alias “mono picacho o monín”, situación que generó varios homicidios de personas que se dedicaban al expendio de alucinógenos y la activación de granadas. Los comerciantes que no accedían a las pretensiones de estos delincuentes ordenaban su desplazamiento forzado. Con la captura de alias “diadema” se afecta de manera directa la extorsión y micro extorsión de la cual viene siendo víctima el sector comercial y gremial, del centro de la ciudad de Medellín, al igual otros hechos delictivos relacionados con homicidios selectivos, amenazas, desplazamientos forzados no solo en el centro de la ciudad sino en toda el Área Metropolitana.

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viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

John Kerry asks watchdog to review State’s record handling

Responding to controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account as the nation’s top diplomat, Secretary of State John Kerry is asking the agency’s internal watchdog to launch a review of how it handles its records and responds to requests for information. Kerry sent a letter Wednesday asking Inspector General Steve Linick to conduct “a review of our efforts to date on improving records management, including the archiving of emails as well as responding to FOIA and Congressional inquiries,” State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said at a regular briefing for reporters Friday. Story Continued Below Asked if Kerry was asking for an investigation of how Clinton handled her email as secretary, Rathke said that wasn’t the aim of the letter, but he didn’t rule out that the inquiry will encompass her conduct. “It’s not specific to that,” Rathke said. Kerry sent a letter Wednesday asking Inspector General Steve Linick to conduct “a review of our efforts to date on improving records management, including the archiving of emails as well as responding to FOIA and Congressional inquiries,” State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said at a regular briefing for reporters Friday. Story Continued Below Asked if Kerry was asking for an investigation of how Clinton handled her email as secretary, Rathke said that wasn’t the aim of the letter, but he didn’t rule out that the inquiry will encompass her conduct. “It’s not specific to that,” Rathke said. “We are also facing challenges regarding our integration of recordkeeping technologies and the use of non-government systems by some Department personnel to conduct official business,” he wrote. Rathke said the call for the review was “an important step” in making sure that records of U.S. diplomacy are available to those seeking to study them. “The secretary is committed to preserving a complete record of American foreign policy. Doing so is required, but it is also good government,” the spokesman said. Kerry said in the letter that he is eager to “adapt our systems and policies to keep pace with changes in technology and the way our personnel work.” “We are focused on improving the way we search for and produce documents in response to requests whether through the Freedom of Information Act, inquiries from Congress, or access to historians and the public,” Rathke said. Linick said Friday that his office is considering how to craft such a review. ”We are now conducting preliminary work to determine the proper scope and methodology for a review of the Department’s ability to preserve information and respond to information requests, among other things,” the inspector general said. Clinton and the State Department have been peppered with questions about email-related issues since a New York Times report earlier this month revealed that she used a private email account and server while she was secretary from 2009 to 2013. In response to a request last October from the agency, in December Clinton turned over to the State Department 55,000 pages of emails from that account. She said it was her practice to send work-related emails to other State officials’ official accounts, so that they would be preserved as part of federal records systems. However, State Department officials disclosed in recent weeks that the email of top officials was not routinely or automatically archived during her tenure. There have been numerous requests for Linick’s office to get involved in the Clinton email issue, including a letter from the Republican National Committee and another in which House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) suggested that Clinton’s private email server could be turned over to the inspector general to verify that she produced all work-related messages to the department. It’s unclear whether Kerry’s letter triggered the IG’s work on the issue, or whether it was already underway. Linick did not address that in his statement, but said he considered “a top priority” record preservation issues and questions of responsiveness to document requests. Ver Mas en:

Germanwings Crash: U.S. Victim's Dad 'Sad' for Lubitz Parents

The father of an American victim of the Germanwings crash said Friday he is not angry but is "really sad" for the parents of the co-pilot accused of deliberately downing the plane. Prosecutors say it appears Andreas Lubitz sent the Airbus A320 crashing into the French Alps after locking his captain out of the cockpit, and may have hidden an illness from his employers. Robert Tansill Oliver's son, Robert Oliver Calvo, was one of the 150 people aboard. "I don´t feel anger," Oliver said. "I'm really sad for the parents of that young pilot. I mean, I can't imagine what they´re going through right now… they are all feeling, hurting." "We are angry with … the world," he added. Oliver said he would "wait and see" before taking any action against the airline or authorities over Tuesday's tragedy, and urged airlines to "take steps to make sure what has happened to my son never happens again to anyone."

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miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Teenager's chest sliced wide open leaving his heart almost exposed by knifeman who attacked twin brothers as they left a party

A teenager was left millimetres from death after a knifeman sliced open his chest and almost exposed his heart as he left a party with his twin brother. Tyler Gane, 16, and his brother Loui were with friends at a roundabout in Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire, when a man approached them and threatened the group. asking where they were from. When Loui questioned him back, the stranger pulled out a knife and stabbed Tyler as he stepped in to protect his brother on Saturday night.

Tyler Gane, 16, was millimetres from death after a knifeman sliced open his chest, almost exposing his heart The teenager was left with an eight inch wound from his shoulder to the centre of his chest, which nearly exposed his heart, and was rushed to hospital in a serious condition. Police said he was 'lucky to be alive' because the wound was so deep and the blade miraculously missed his vital organs. Tyler has since returned home but doctors told him to rest and not return to school until after Easter. He said: 'I don't remember much. I don't remember actually getting stabbed. I remember walking off and all of my friends screaming. 'That's when I looked down and blood was all over my shirt. The paramedics were there trying to see how bad it was and taking off the jumper which I had on. 'That's when it started to sink in. That's when it hit me that I had actually been stabbed.
The eight inch wound was so deep it almost struck his heart and police said Tyler was 'lucky to be alive'
The teenagers were at a party on a roundabout known locally as Dilton Marsh Roundabout when they were approached by the unknown man on Saturday at about 11pm 'It doesn't feel real. I'm still shocked. I think everyone is. Still people don't know why it happened or why he did it.' Loui suffered cuts to his hands and was also treated in Bristol's Southmead Hospital. Their mother Erika, 34, said: 'I was shocked. I don't understand why anybody would approach a group of children and do this. 'It's not like this is a dangerous city - it's a small town. He's lucky to still be here. 'Tyler has taken it very well. I don't think it has sunk in yet. he's had all his friends around him. 'It was completely random. I don't know what I would say to the attacker. To me, it proves he is not sorry because he hasn't come forward. He's not sorry and he's hiding like a coward. 'I'm looking at people and thinking they look like the description.' Detective inspector Paul Franklin said: 'He's first threatened the children and then when the two brothers have gone over to him, he slashed out at them with the knife causing one a very serious and deep lacerations to his chest, and the other brother some cuts to his arm. 'From that point, he has then run away up main road. It's completely unprovoked and at this time we have absolutely no idea who this man is. This could have been a murder inquiry quite easily.' The attacker is described as being aged between 20 and 30, with shortish black hair and wearing a blue jacket and either blue jeans or grey jogging bottoms

Tyler pictured in hospital after the attack. He is now recovering at home but will be off school for weeks 

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Babahoyo, bajo el agua debido a las fuertes lluvias

BABAHOYO. Tras las fuertes lluvias de la noche de ayer 24 de marzo y mañana de hoy 25 de marzo, la capital de la provincia de Los Ríos quedó prácticamente bajo el agua. Las afectaciones se registran tanto en la zona urbana como en los barrios rurales, donde el agua ha ingresado hasta la mayoría de las viviendas. Las novedades principalmente se registran desde la avenida 5 de Junio hasta la 25 de Junio (By Pass); mientas que en el sector El Chorrillo, hasta la altura del edificio del Servicio de Rentas Internas (SRI), el agua sobrepasa la altura de las rodillas. (NDA)

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domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

¿Cómo anticiparse a la evolución del dólar en 2015?

Pesos por dólar vs time
Lo que suceda con el dólar en la plaza local en el resto de 2015 tiene como principales determinantes para tener en cuenta a la inflación en Uruguay, el comportamiento de la Reserva Federal de Estados Unidos en cuanto a la inminente suba de tasas de interés, la manera en la cual se desenvuelva el gobierno brasileño respecto a la crisis de confianza que atraviesa y la reacción de los mercados frente al incipiente plan de estímulos europeo, en una economía debilitada por años de magro desempeño.Distintos analistas consultados por El Observador coincidieron en que estos cuatro puntos son los que explicarán en mayor o menor medida la evolución del dólar frente al peso en los nueve meses que le restan al año.Sobre lo que nadie tiene dudas es que la divisa estadounidense va a subir en 2015. El escenario más probable es de un dólar a $ 27 –o un poco por encima– para el cierre del año. Existe consenso también en que el gobierno no dejará que el dólar se vaya a valores mucho más altos porque significaría una fuerte presión sobre la inflación y las autoridades no cuentan con un margen de maniobra muy amplio.Pero al mismo tiempo es innegable que la economía de EEUU verá sus tasas de interés subir en algún momento de este año, y las expectativas en torno a esto han servido como una persistente presión al alza cada vez que la Fed discute el asunto.En las mesas de cambio de los bancos de plaza se sigue mucho el comportamiento del real brasileño frente al dólar. Con espacio para que el vecino país devalúe más, Brasil es un factor que impulsa la cotización local.Finalmente, Europa, en el medio de una crisis en Grecia que puede terminar con la separación del país de la zona euro, es un ruido más en la ecuación. El plan de estímulos que el Banco Central Europeo inició a comienzos de marzo fortalecerá más al dólar.En una economía uruguaya que se enlentece, el tipo de cambio cobra mayor importancia. El país ha perdido competitividad frente a sus principales socios comerciales –exceptuando China–. En ese contexto, los siguientes cuatro son los principales temas que durante 2015 deben seguirse día a día para explicar los movimientos del dólar.
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La inflación y sus efectosPara Mariano Sardáns, CEO de la financiera FDI, la inflación es el principal punto a tener en cuenta para calibrar las apuestas sobre el comportamiento del dólar. Si esta cede, entonces hay espacio para que el dólar suba, mientras que esta no ceda, el Banco Central mantendrá una política monetaria contractiva, secando de pesos el mercado como ha venido sucediendo hasta ahora y así el dólar se depreciará en Uruguay a un ritmo mucho menor que el resto de las monedas. Siguiendo esta línea de razonamiento, sucede que para mantener la economía seca en pesos cuando es atractivo estar posicionado en dólares, el Banco Central se ve obligado a pagar tasas altas en las Letras de Regulación Monetaria que licita diariamente.Varios analistas han expresado que la información de cuan contractiva está siendo la economía se recibe demasiado tarde y que “se apunta a menos transparencia” en este sentido, como dijo el pasado miércoles el economista Gabriel Oddone de CPA Ferrere. Hay que tener en cuenta la promesa del gobierno de que el IPC se ubique en 5% en 18 meses. Para varios analistas, como el propio Oddone, es muy difícil que baje de 8%, aún en 2016. De esta manera, desde el lado de la política monetaria, se seguirá viendo una evolución de la oferta de dinero por debajo de la demanda, y tasas de LRM en niveles altos, en el entorno de 14% para mantener un peso controlado ante las presiones alcistas.Entra en juego también el papel del déficit fiscal, que está en su punto máximo en más de 10 años. Si el gobierno logra imponer una mayor austeridad al presupuesto, el combate a la inflación no va a caer por completo en el atraso del tipo de cambio respecto a los socios comerciales del país, sino que a través de la política tarifaria, podría colaborar con la moderación en el alza de precios. Finalmente debe tenerse en cuenta que un dólar bajo respecto a los países relevantes, agrava el actual escenario de enfriamiento. Los datos de crecimiento de la economía uruguaya van a dar nuevas pautas de qué tan preocupante es esa situación y qué margen hay para tolerar un peso uruguayo apreciado.Estados Unidos y la inminente suba de tasasEl economista Aldo Lema de Vixion Consultores señaló que la suba del dólar no parece haber terminado y que es probable que el crecimiento de Estados Unidos sea similar al del promedio de los emergentes por primera vez en más de 10 años.En base a esto, da a entender que los fundamentos detrás de la moneda estadounidense le dan espacio para un mayor aumento. Cada reunión que de ahora en más tenga el Comité de Política Monetaria de la Fed será un punto de inflexión en la gráfica de evolución del dólar frente al peso.El anuncio del tan esperado aumento de tasas está cada vez más cerca y lo que esto hace es que los agentes quieran pasarse al billete verde antes de que tasas de interés más altas aumenten su atractivo y por ende, su demanda. Si bien buena parte del efecto ya está interiorizado en las cotizaciones, las idas y vueltas de la Fed seguirán introduciendo volatilidad en los mercados.Los expertos coinciden en que es muy probable que en los días próximos a las reuniones que tendrán lugar el 28 y 29 de abril, y 16 y 17 de junio, el dólar muestre un comportamiento errático. Juan José Varela, de Puente, explicó que una vez que pase el shock que traerá la efectiva suba de tasas, esta será tan leve que el mercado volverá a una situación normal no muy lejana a la previa. Las expectativas, explicó, ya han absorbido el efecto de la esperada suba. Los problemas de BrasilEl mercado le ha quitado la confianza a Brasil luego de que una coyuntura económica delicada (una economía estancada, inflación al alza y déficit fiscal muy alto) se conjugaron con una situación política adversa, con un gobierno que se esfuerza por corregir los desequilibrios pero carece del apoyo de la ciudadanía y de los mercados. El dólar se fortaleció casi 20% frente al real en lo que va del año.Según los analistas consultados, todavía queda espacio para que Brasil devalúe. La pregunta que importa es si Uruguay acompañará el comportamiento de Brasil. En lo que va del año la suba del dólar en Uruguay no llega a 5%. Juan José Varela de Puente explicó que Brasil ejerce una fuerte presión al alza del dólar en Uruguay, sobre todo “en la parte psicológica, por la gente que va a presionar para que en Uruguay se tome una medida parecida”.En la medida en que el país siga perdiendo competitividad con Brasillos empresarios demandarán un dólar más alto en Uruguay. Sardáns, de FDI, estuvo de acuerdo pero estableció que la inflación le pone un límite a la devaluación.El plan de estímulos en Europa y la crisis en GreciaEl Banco Central Europeo comprará bonos por € 60.000 millones por mes desde aquí hasta setiembre de 2016 buscando estimular su economía; que de acuerdo a Varela de Puente ya está mostrando signos de recuperación.Los analistas coinciden en que todos estos euros actúan como una presión al alza del dólar a nivel global. O sea, ante la incertidumbre de la economía mundial y especialmente de su zona, los agentes se aseguran posicionándose en dólares.De todos modos, advierten que Europa no es específicamente el lugar donde enfocar las preocupaciones. No obstante, Aldo Lema advirtió que si Grecia termina fuera de la eurozona, generará una turbulencia adicional, con la salida de depósitos del país sin cesar, una posible reestructura de deuda y la devaluación de una nueva moneda.
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La huida del tercer terrorista, nuevo eslabón en la cadena de fallos en Túnez

La cadena de fallos de Seguridad que propiciaron el atentado yihadista del miércoles en el Museo el Bardo de Túnez sumó un nuevo eslabón después de que el presidente del país, Beyi Caid Essebsi, admitiera este domingo que fueron tres, y no dos, los autores materiales y que uno de ellos está en busca y captura. Durante una ofrenda floral delante de la puerta del citado museo, escenario de una tragedia en la que perdieron la vida 21 personas -20 de ellas turistas extranjeros-, y fueron abatidos dos terroristas, el mandatario aseveró que el fugado "no llegará muy lejos". "Es seguro que había tres, han sido filmados por las cámaras e identificados. Están los dos que fueron abatidos y uno que corre hacia alguna parte. Pero de todas maneras, no podrá ir muy lejos", afirmó. Los dos atacantes muertos han sido identificados como Yasine al Abidi y Hatem al Jachnaui, miembros al parecer de una hasta la fecha desconocida célula del grupo yihadista Estado Islámico (IS) en Túnez, que ha reivindicado la masacre. El padre de uno de ellos ya reveló el mismo miércoles que carecía de noticias sobre el paradero de su hijo desde hacía tres meses y que lo último que había sabido de su destino era que había viajado a Siria e Irak para sumarse a la lucha del IS. El huido parece responder al nombre de Maher Ben Muldi Gaidi, sobre quien pesa ya una orden de busca y captura como "presunto implicado", tal y como anunció anoche el Ministerio de Interior tunecino. Una cadena de errores La confirmación de que Gaidi pudo escapar del cerco de la policía y desaparecer en las calles de los barrios empobrecidos y radicalizados que rodean la zona de El Bardo ha intensificado las críticas a las Fuerzas de Seguridad, a las que la prensa y los analistas acusan de haber cometido una larga cadena de errores. El atentado se produjo el miércoles cuando un joven de unos 20 años abrió fuego contra un autobús de turistas hispanohablantes en el aparcamiento del museo, una zona vallada que supuestamente estaba vigilada. Tras la ráfaga, en la que murieron siete personas -entre ellas dos turistas españoles, tal y como relató el guía del grupo, Wael Busid-, los terroristas entraron en el museo y capturaron a un número indeterminado de personas. En las imágenes de las cámaras de vigilancia difundidas anoche por la televisión tunecina se observa cómo los atacantes se pasean con normalidad por el museo y en un momento se juntan en las escaleras. A partir de ahí, la versión oficial asegura que dos de los terroristas se atrincheran con los rehenes en una zona ajardinada compartida con el Parlamento después de intentar de entrar en ese edificio. En la operación policial posterior murieron acribillados dos terroristas y otras 14 personas, 13 de ellas turistas extranjeros y una empleada del museo que podrían haber sido utilizados como escudos humanos, sin que se sepa cómo el tercer implicado pudo huir. Un relato que dista mucho de la primera versión que dieron las autoridades tunecinas, que aseguraba que los terroristas iban vestidos de militar, que intentaron entrar en el Parlamento y fueron descubiertos y que solo entonces se dirigieron hacia los turistas. "Hay muchas cosas que deben ser explicadas, como la ausencia de vigilancia cuando se habían conocido las amenazas", explica un periodista tunecino que prefiere no ser identificado. "Y el hecho de que durante 24 horas dos turistas españoles estuvieran escondidos en un almacén de la parte de abajo y nadie los encontrara una vez muertos los terroristas", afirma. Ante esta cadena de fallos, el ministro tunecino de Interior, Mohamad Nayem Garzalli, relevó el viernes a los responsables de 10 departamentos de seguridad y distritos de la capital "considerados sensibles". Asimismo cesó al jefe de la dirección general para Asuntos de Fronteras y Extranjería, después de que se conociera que los autores de la masacre habían entrado en el país de forma clandestina desde Libia el pasado diciembre. Además, ordenó abrir una exhaustiva investigación para esclarecer por qué no había guardias de seguridad ni en la puerta del Parlamento ni en el aparcamiento del museo en el momento del atentado. Mientras, las fuerzas de Seguridad detuvieron hoy a otras dos personas en la ciudad de Ras Yebel, a 50 kilómetros al noroeste de Túnez, en posesión de documentos sobre las operaciones terroristas del Bardo y de Bualabam, un pueblo en la región de Kasserin, fronteriza con Argelia, donde el pasado 18 de febrero miembros de la célula yihadista Uqba bin Nafi mataron a cuatro guardias nacionales. Asimismo, les fueron incautados mapas de las regiones fronterizas y una lista con nombres y números de teléfono de un país vecino que no precisaron las fuentes de Seguridad. Ver Mas en:

Flying kick apparently leads to death of Mexican luchador

MEXICO CITY - The son of a Mexican wrestling legend died early Saturday from a blow suffered in the ring, the Baja California state prosecutor's office said. Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, known as Hijo del Perro Aguayo, fell unconscious on the ropes, apparently after receiving a flying kick from fellow wrestler and former WWE superstar Oscar Gutierrez, known professionally as Rey Mysterio Jr., according to a chilling YouTube video of the match in a municipal auditorium in Tijuana. The match continued for almost two minutes before other participants and the referee realized Aguayo was seriously injured and tended to him. He was taken to a hospital a block away and died about 1:30 a.m., prosecutor's spokesman Raul Gutierrez said. "I have no words for this terrible news," Joaquin Roldan, director of the AAA wrestling federation, said through his Twitter account. "My sincerest condolences for the Aguayo Ramirez family." The state prosecutor's office said the cause of death, based on the autopsy, was trauma to the neck and a cervical fracture. It has opened an investigation into possible manslaughter.The company that reportedly organized the event, The Crash, couldn't be reached for comment. The Tijuana Boxing and Wrestling Commission called the death an unfortunate accident like those that occur in other high-risk sports. Even though the match continued as Aguayo hung listless on the ropes, commission President Juan Carlos Pelayo said people moved immediately to check his condition. He said the doctor in charge was not at ringside because he was treating another injured wrestler, but paramedics and a doctor who was a spectator attended to Aguayo. "The reaction for medical attention was quick, in my opinion," Pelayo said in a news conference Saturday. Mexico is famous for its colorful characters and costumes in professional wrestling, popularly known as lucha libre, where fighters perform daring aerial maneuvers inside and outside the ring. Aguayo, 35, had wrestled for 20 years and was the son of the legendary Pedro "Perro" Aguayo, now retired and a member of the Aztec lucha hall of fame. The younger Aguayo was also popular and led a group called "Los Perros de Mal," or the bad dogs. He won numerous titles, including national pairs with his father, a national heavyweight championship and the Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre world trios championship. "It makes me very sad because he was a professional colleague and I have great affection for his father," the wrestler Hijo del Santo said in a telephone interview. "I think the fans in Japan, the U.S. and Mexico, of course, where he was very popular, must be in mourning, especially because of his youth. He had much ahead of him." After news of his death spread, the wrestling community took to social media in an outpouring of grief. After news of Ramirez's death spread, Gutierrez took to social media to express his shock and sorrow at the event, and to express condolences to the deceased wrestler's family. In a tweet showing a picture of the two, Gutierrez said he was honored to have been in the ring for Ramirez's debut, calling him a "brother" and a "great legend."

The company that reportedly organized the event, The Crash, couldn't be reached for comment. The Tijuana Boxing and Wrestling Commission called the death an unfortunate accident like those that occur in other high-risk sports. Even though the match continued as Aguayo hung listless on the ropes, commission President Juan Carlos Pelayo said people moved immediately to check his condition. He said the doctor in charge was not at ringside because he was treating another injured wrestler, but paramedics and a doctor who was a spectator attended to Aguayo. "The reaction for medical attention was quick, in my opinion," Pelayo said in a news conference Saturday. Mexico is famous for its colorful characters and costumes in professional wrestling, popularly known as lucha libre, where fighters perform daring aerial maneuvers inside and outside the ring. Aguayo, 35, had wrestled for 20 years and was the son of the legendary Pedro "Perro" Aguayo, now retired and a member of the Aztec lucha hall of fame. The younger Aguayo was also popular and led a group called "Los Perros de Mal," or the bad dogs. He won numerous titles, including national pairs with his father, a national heavyweight championship and the Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre world trios championship. "It makes me very sad because he was a professional colleague and I have great affection for his father," the wrestler Hijo del Santo said in a telephone interview. "I think the fans in Japan, the U.S. and Mexico, of course, where he was very popular, must be in mourning, especially because of his youth. He had much ahead of him." After news of his death spread, the wrestling community took to social media in an outpouring of grief.

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Colombia y FARC afinan detalles para iniciar el desminado

Una delegación de expertos del gobierno de Colombia, integrada mayoritariamente por militares, discutió este sábado en La Habana con la guerrilla comunista de las FARC pormenores del acuerdo de desminado alcanzado hace dos semanas entre los negociadores de paz, informó una fuente del gobierno. "Los expertos del gobierno van a estar aquí a partir de hoy discutiendo el tema del desminado con las FARC", señaló una fuente de la delegación oficial, sin precisar detalles de la reunión ni su extensión, citó AFP. La comitiva, que llegó el viernes a la isla, está integrada por el director de Acción Contra Minas de la Presidencia colombiana, general Rafael Colón; el delegado del Ministerio de Defensa y Fuerzas Militares para el desminado, general Néstor Robinson; el comandante del Batallón de Desminado Humanitario, coronel Willington Benítez; y la asesora Marisol Peñaloza. El pacto, un histórico compromiso para detectar y desactivar en conjunto las minas antipersonales sembradas en al menos 668 de los 1.100 municipios de Colombia, contempla el apoyo de una organización noruega especializada en desminado y la participación de las FARC y de las comunidades afectadas. En declaraciones que formuló el martes a Radio Caracol, el general retirado Óscar Naranjo, plenipotenciario del gobierno en las pláticas con la guerrilla, destacó que el plan comenzaría a aplicarse "en un máximo de seis semanas", en "por lo menos en dos o tres lugares determinados por la mesa" de negociación. Según Naranjo, desde 1990 las minas antipersonales han dejado en su país 11.006 víctimas, entre muertos y heridos.
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miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Devon Still's Daughter Hits Happy Milestone in Cancer Fight

World News Videos | US News Videos Leah Still, the 4-year-old daughter of Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still got some great news today from the doctors, he said. "We got Leah's MIBG Scans back tonight and the doctors told us they didn't see any active disease in her body!!!," her dad wrote on Instagram. "We still have to wait for her MRI and bone biopsy results later this week. But the doctors feel very optimistic about them because of the results from today. So for now we celebrate!!" he wrote.
Leah underwent surgery and chemotherapy after doctors found a cancerous growth in her abdomen in June, according to The Associated Press. Still had earlier announced on his Instagram account that Leah's battle with cancer was not yet over. But this is certainly a step in the right direction. Bengals Player Says Cancer-Stricken Daughter Will See Him Play for 1st Time Cause for Hope in Fight Against Childhood Cancer Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still to Pay for Daughter's Cancer Treatment Still, 25, a defensive tackle, had originally been cut from the Bengals roster, but once the team learned his daughter had stage 4 cancer, they resigned him to their practice squad. He has since been placed on the active roster. Read More:

sábado, 14 de marzo de 2015

Bomberos de Valparaíso: Rebrote no implica riesgo para la población

El comandante del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Valparaíso, Enzo Gagliardo, aseguró que el rebrote del fuego que hubo cerca del sector de Rodelillo no implica riesgos para la población. Así lo afirmó a Cooperativa, donde aclaró que el rebrote no es en Rodelillo mismo sino "hacia el sector norte de donde empezó el incendio de ayer, que no se había quemado, ha habido un rebrote bastante grande pero está muy lejos de las casas", por esto, "no implica riesgos para la población". La autoridad, además, señaló que las condiciones climáticas se mantienen "tranquilas", sin embargo, "se esperan para la tarde vientos de 27 nudos". Gagliardo explicó que los siniestros de este tipo son complejos puesto que "el incendio forestal es relativo debido a que de repente son lugares inaccesibles, son quebradas de mucha maleza". Al mismo tiempo se unió al llamado realizado por diversas autoridades a la población a no visitas zonas afectadas, señalando que "me parece muy acertado pedirle a la gente que no viaje porque al final complica un poco, se generan tacos e impide el desplazamiento tranquilo de los carros". Segundo balance del día Pasado el mediodía, el Comité de Emergencia informó que hasta el momento se han consumido 460 hectáreas y se han reportado 21 personas lesionadas, dentro de las cuales 15 son voluntarios de Bomberos. En relación a los daños, las autoridades indicaron que solamente se registra la afectación de un balcón en un edificio. Por otro lado, se indicó que 4.300 clientes permanecen sin suministro eléctrico en los sectores de Curauma y Placilla, en la comuna de Valparaíso. Debido a que los focos sólo han sido contenidos y no controlados, se mantiene el Estado de Emergencia para las comunas de Valparaíso y Viña del Mar, Alerta Roja para las comunas de Valparaíso, Viña del Mar y Quillota y Alerta Amarilla Regional. Las cifras de la jornada A esta hora trabajan en el combate del incendio 15 brigadas, cinco técnicos, dos aviones y un helicóptero de Conaf; cinco camiones aljibes y siete helicópteros dispuestos por Onemi; y nueve unidades de Bomberos de Valparaíso. En tanto, la Fuerza Aérea de Chile trasladó desde las regiones de Los Lagos, La Araucanía y Biobío a 56 brigadistas de Conaf a la Región Metropolitana, los que serán destinados a las zonas afectadas para reforzar los trabajos del personal presente. Por su parte, las Fuerzas Armadas han dispuesto 199 efectivos para realizar tareas de apoyo humanitario y seguridad. Además, se mantienen 900 personas más acuarteladas, para ser dispuestos en caso de ser requeridos. Read More:

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

Lord Prescott says Tony Blair's 'bloody crusades' radicalised

Tony Blair’s “bloody crusades” in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to the radicalisation of a generation of young British Muslims, John Prescott has suggested. Lord Prescott, the former deputy prime minister, said that Mr Blair is “unfortunately” a supporter of regime change in the Middle East and that he “wants to invade everywhere”. In controversial comments made in February, Lord Prescott, who has been brought into Ed Miliband’s inner circle as a climate change advisor, appeared to link the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the radicalisation of British Muslims. It comes amid a growing national discussion about young British Muslims travelling to the Middle East to fight alongside terrorist organisations like Isil. At the event, Lord Prescott also criticised the current Labour leadership’s failure to “argue the economic case” and warned that the party “lose an awful lot of people in that process”. The comments were made at a February fundraising event for Lord Prescott’s son, David, in Gainsborough. The event came just days before Mr Miliband, the Labour leader, announced that the former deputy prime minister was becoming his special adviser on climate change. A Labour spokesman distanced the party from the comments and said: “John’s views on this do not represent the views of the Labour Party.” Lord Prescott said: “I was with Tony Blair on Iraq. We were wrong. They told us it wasn't regime change. It was. And that's exactly what the Americans have had. Now Tony, unfortunately is still in to that. I mean the way he's going now , he now wants to invade everywhere. “He should put a white coat on with a red cross and let's start the bloody crusades again.” Lord Prescott added: “When I hear people talking about how people are radicalised, young Muslims. I'll tell you how they are radicalised. Every time they watch the television where their families are worried, their kids are being killed and murdered and rockets firing on all these people, that's what radicalises them.” At the event on February 19, Lord Prescott, also hit out at the Labour leadership for refusing to defend the party’s record on the economy. He said that figures in the party have “been a bit stupid about not making our case”. 'Sometimes we get caught up with trying to argue the economic case which I think we lose an awful lot of people in that process,” Lord Prescott said. “I think we've been a bit stupid not making our case. Cause there's been too much attention and when I've questioned them about it our own party and I've said 'eh, why are we not defending our record on the economy, on other things, but on the economy?'. And I'm told, in front of the PLP, they said 'we're focussing on the future not the past'.” Mr Miliband was last month accused of making a "desperate attempt to burnish his working class credentials" by appointing Lord Prescott as his special adviser on climate change. The Labour leader has faced repeated criticism from both his own MPs and Labour supporters for failing to address the needs of the party's core voters. He announced in February that he was appointing Lord Prescott, who was known during his time in office as "two jags", to help "bash heads together" and secure a deal on climate change in the wake of the election. At the event Lord Prescott praised Mr Miliband’s leadership of the party, referencing his decision to “take on” Rupert Murdoch over the phone hacking scandal. He also criticised The Telegraph over HSBC and the controversy surrounding the bank. Bob Neill, the Conservative vice-chairman, said: “This latest lapse into introspection shows Labour haven't changed. Their bitter divisions would cause chaos for Britain if they got into Government. “They obsess over Tony Blair and his legacy because Ed Miliband has none of the leadership needed to pull his party together - let alone the country. The Conservative Party offer competence and a plan for a more secure future, but Labour are looking backwards.” Watch Videos on:

Balean a cuatro hombres a bordo de un auto en GAM

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 13 de marzo.- Un aparente ajuste de cuentas terminó la noche de ayer con la vida de tres hombres y dejó a otro gravemente lesionado, tras ser baleados por dos sujetos que lograron darse a la fuga. Los hechos ocurrieron al filo de las 10:30, en la calle de Francisco I. Madero y la Primera Cerrada de Francisco I. Madero en la colonia Benito Juárez, perímetro de la delegación Gustavo A. Madero. Al lugar acudieron policías de la SSPDF de los sectores Cuautepec y Ticomán, quienes fueron alertados por los vecinos al escuchar los disparos. Los cuatro jóvenes baleados fueron encontrados a bordo de un auto Nissan Platina, por lo que solicitaron la presencia de una ambulancia. Paramédicos del ERUM quienes verificaron la muerte de José Carlos Núñez Olivares de 24 años, Néstor Alejandro Contreras Ayala de 29 y un hombre de 25 años aproximadamente que se encuentra en calidad de desconocido. Erik Romero Olivares de 23 años fue trasladado por la ambulancia al hospital de La Villa al presentar por lo menos tres impactos de bala en el cuerpo. Los cuerpos fueron trasladados al ministerio público de Cuautepec junto con varios casquillos percutidos de diferentes calibres. Read More:

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

Índice Mensual de Actividad de la Construcción anota octava baja consecutiva en enero

El Índice Mensual de Actividad de la Construcción (Imacon) anotó en enero su octavo mes consecutivo a la baja. Durante el primer mes del año el indicador cayó 1,2% en comparación con el mismo período del año anterior. El crecimiento anual del indicador se ha mantenido por más de un año bajo su tasa promedio histórica de 4,6% anual, informó la Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (CChC). Según Javier Hurtado, gerente de eEstudios de la CChC el resultado de enero da cuenta de la caída del empleo en la industria, de la demanda de materiales y del escaso inicio de proyectos de inversión, principalmente en los sectores de minería y energía. "Todo ello, es coherente con la actitud pesimista que aún mantienen los empresarios de la construcción respecto del impacto de las reformas tributaria y laboral, del desempeño económico de los principales socios comerciales de Chile y de otros factores como las expectativas de menor demanda de viviendas nuevas", dice Hurtado. La contratación de la mano de obra -corregida por los efectos estacionales y calendario- disminuyó 5,4% anual en enero, la cifra más baja desde la crisis de 2009. Read More:

Reunión de Unasur sobre Venezuela y EE UU será este sábado en Ecuador

Los cancilleres de la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Unasur) se reunirán este sábado en Ecuador para tratar de las medidas anunciadas por Estados Unidos contra Venezuela, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales uruguayas y ecuatorianas. La reunión extraordinaria iba a celebrarse hoy en Montevideo, como capital de país que ejerce la presidencia de turno de la Unasur, pero el miércoles se anunció que se pospuso el encuentro por la "premura" de la convocatoria y la dificultad de hacer coincidir las agendas de los ministros de Exteriores. El lugar definitivo será la sede de la secretaría general de Unasur, ubicada en Ecuador. El cambio de ubicación se debe a la "conveniencia de los diferentes cancilleres", dijo a EFE el coordinador nacional para Unasur en Uruguay, Fernando Lugris. La Cancillería de Ecuador precisó que la reunión será este sábado, a partir de las 2:00 pm. "El sábado estamos listos para recibir a los cancilleres de Unasur en la sede de la Mitad del Mundo", escribió en Twitter el secretario general del organismo, Ernesto Samper. En la reunión se abordará la presentación de informe por parte de la Comisión reducida de los Cancilleres y el secretario general de Unasur, respecto a la visita a Caracas, llevada a cabo el pasado viernes 6 de marzo, señala el comunicado oficial ecuatoriano. Otro asunto de la agenda será el análisis de la reciente orden ejecutiva del gobierno de los Estados Unidos declarando una "emergencia nacional respecto de la amenaza extraordinaria e inusual para la seguridad nacional y la política exterior de los Estados Unidos que supone la situación en Venezuela". La reunión extraordinaria de cancilleres fue anunciada el pasado martes con carácter de urgencia por el presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa. Unasur está formada por Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Perú, Surinam, Uruguay y Venezuela. Ver Mas en:

Video Shows Moment Two Officers Were Shot Outside Ferguson Police Department

Updated | Two police officers were shot outside Ferguson police headquarters early Thursday morning amid protests, St. Louis county police chief Jon Belmar announced at a press conference at Barnes Hospital around 2 a.m. Both men were taken to a local hospital but have been released and are expected to survive. Protesters began to gather outside the police department around 5:30 p.m. after Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson announced his resignation, Belmar said. The city announced Jackson's resignation one week after the Department of Justice declared it had found that Ferguson police officers had engaged in widespread discriminatory policing against black residents of the city.
Ferguson police on the scene twice called for backup, Belmar said. At one point, 69 officers from several local law enforcement agencies were on the scene. The crowd began to thin soon before midnight. Around the time of the shootings, around 75 protesters and 40 police officers remained on the scene, he said. At midnight, onlookers heard "three or four shots" and two officers standing next to each other in a line of 25 or so officers were struck, Belmar said. Neither was a member of the embattled Ferguson police department. One, a 32-year old, 5-year veteran of the nearby Webster Groves police department, was struck in his right cheek, below his right eye, Belmar said. The bullet is lodged in the officer's head, Belmar said, but he is expected to survive. The other officer, a 41-year old, 14-year veteran of the St. Louis county police department, was struck in the shoulder, and the bullet exited through his back, between his scapula and spine, Belmar said. He is also expected to survive.
Belmar added that he thought the shooter or shooters were probably among the protesters. "I do feel there was a very unfortuante assocation with that gathering," he said. "We were very close to what happened in the NYPD with officers Liu and Ramos," he said at a second press conference, at 10 a.m. Thursday morning. "We could have buried two officers." Read More: