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sábado, 4 de abril de 2015

Easter Weekend Forecast Includes Snow for Great Lakes, Northern New England; Rain For California

Easter weekend is approaching and visions of spring usually accompany this holiday, but for some winter just won't let go.

A cold front will move through the eastern half of the country, bringing to some places snow, colder temperatures and the risk of severe thunderstorms.

Below is a look of where the weather may bring travel troubles.

A cold front will push off the Northeast coast on Saturday and dry conditions will return to much of the region. Rain will likely linger in eastern New England with snow in parts of the interior Northeast and northern New England on Saturday. Where temperatures behind the cold front drop to near freezing some snow accumulation is expected with snowfall totals of 3 to 6 inches possible above 1500 feet.

A weaker low pressure system may also bring a few areas of light rain and or snow to parts of the interior Northeast and northern New England Saturday night into Easter Sunday.

After a mild Friday, high temperatures across the Northeast will be near to below average both Saturday and Sunday.

I-95 travel concerns: Through very early Saturday rain showers are likely from Boston to Connecticut which will likely impact travel. The rain may mix with and change to snow in parts of Maine on Saturday along I-95. Mainly dry conditions are expected Saturday night through Easter Sunday. Late on Sunday a few showers may develop in southern New England.

I-90 travel concerns: Snow showers will greet travelers along I-90 from just west of Albany to Cleveland on Saturday, especially early in the day. Winds will also be gusty at times through Saturday evening. More light rain or snow will also be found on Easter Sunday night from western Massachusetts to the eastern Great Lakes.

I-81 travel concerns: Travel headaches may continue through early Saturday with snow in parts of Pennsylvania and New York state, including around Watertown, New York. Some light snow or rain is possible Saturday night through Easter Sunday in New York and northern Pennsylvania.


The same system that brought rain and snow to the Northeast will bring showers and the risk of thunderstorms to parts of the Southeast on Saturday. The threat of thunderstorms will be found in northern Florida and southeastern Georgia as the cold front pushes offshore, but severe thunderstorms are not expected. A few showers and thunderstorms are also likely in southern Texas on Saturday.

Showers and thunderstorms will spread into central/eastern Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley Saturday night through Sunday night as another disturbance moves across the region.

Temperatures in the South were warm Friday, ahead of the cold front, but will drop back to near to slightly below average Saturday and Easter Sunday.

I-75 concerns: Wet roads will be found in southern Georgia and parts of northern Florida on Saturday. Much of I-75 will see dry conditions on Easter Sunday, with the exception of parts of central and southern Florida. Showers return to Kentucky, Tennesee and Georgia on Sunday night.

I-20 concerns: Dry conditions return to most of I-20 on Saturday, with the exception of lingering showers in South Carolina. However, rain will develop once again on Saturday night in central/eastern Texas. spreading into Louisiana and Mississippi on Easter Sunday and across Alabama and Georgia by Sunday night.

I-10 concerns: Northern Florida will see the chance for showers and thunderstorms on Saturday. Most of I-10 will see dry conditions Saturday night, except near Houston and Jacksonville, Florida. Wet conditions return Sunday and Sunday night from San Antonio to Mobile.

Midwest and Plains

Dry conditions will prevail across most of the Plains and Midwest on Saturday. However, weak disturbances may bring the chance for some light rain or snow from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes late Saturday into Easter Sunday.

Temperatures will warm over the weekend in all areas of the Midwest except the northern Great Lakes and far northern Plains. High temperatures up to 20 degrees above average are expected in western Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa by Easter Sunday.

I-90 travel concerns: Saturday should see no weather delays but a few rain and snow showers are possible once again on Saturday night and Easter Sunday in southern Wisconsin.

I-70 travel concerns: Dry conditions will prevail on Saturday and into Easter Sunday from Columbus, Ohio to Topeka, Kansas. Showers, however, will return to Missouri and eastern Kansas on Sunday night.

I-35 travel concerns: Dry conditions will prevail on Saturday but some light snow (possibly mixed with rain) is possible Saturday night into Easter Sunday mainly north of Minneapolis, with little to no accumulation on roads expected. 


A cold front will move through the Pacific Northwest which will bring rain and snow from the Northwest coast to Montana this weekend. A second jet-steam impulse will drive some rain and mountain snow into northern/central California on Easter Sunday.

Temperatures will not be as warm as early in the week and will generally be near to slightly above average, with the exception of northern California and southern Oregon on Easter Sunday, where temperatures will be up to 15 degrees below average.

I-5 travel concerns: Wet conditions are expected Saturday night into Easter Sunday in Washington, Oregon and northern California, including in the Seattle and Portland areas. Rain and mountain snow will likely spread into central California by Easter Sunday.

I-90 travel concerns: Rain and higher elevation snow showers will be found in parts of Washington on Saturday, as well as in Idaho and western Montana, including Missoula. Scattered rain and snow showers will continue from Washington through Idaho and into Montana through Easter Sunday.

I-15 travel concerns: Mostly dry conditions are expected this weekend, with just a few rain and snow showers in Montana and Idaho. However, it may be windy at times farther south, from southern Utah into California, including the Las Vegas area.
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