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martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Police: Man Wanted For Sexual Assault Found Dead Following Standoff

SPRINGBORO -- A man barricades himself inside a home in Springboro initiating a six-hour standoff.    

The standoff ended around 3:00 Tuesday morning on Black Pepper Court after about six hours of negotiations.

Springboro Police say they first arrived to the home because 45-year-old Leopold Posival was wanted for sexually assaulting an underage girl. That's when officers made contact with him, and he then refused to come out of the house.    

We're told Posival threatened police and allegedly told crews he would hurt himself or any officer who tried to enter the home.

The Springboro police chief tells us Posival had access to several weapons and the chief was forced to call in the SWAT Team around 9:00 Monday night.

Throughout the night, officers tried to talk Posival into surrendering. Over the phone, police say Posival admitted that he was involved in the sexual assault but they say he was still very defiant. He was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound after tear gas was shot inside the residence.

Police say Posival was an Army veteran and possibly had post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD). Crews say in the past few weeks he has been suicidal.

The teen involved in the sexual assault was treated at the hospital and we are told she is doing OK.    

Right now, the home is being searched for more evidence involving the sexual assault.

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